In Front of the Lens....

... is where I love to be... almost as much as in the presence of the beautiful souls I get to work with. I'll be honest with you, I've been on stage or on screen since I got out of diapers. Which means you'll find me taking audacious risks and willing to reveal my most honest self even when I don't know who's watching. You'll find a rich collection of videos on my Youtube Channel, and I've selected a few of my favorites here.

“I’m Out of Control...” a Coaching Inquiry w/ Laura Jane Humphreys

Here I help a Laura Jane explore her belief that she's out of control.

What to Do About Double Binds

Do you want to accrue wealth but believe rich people are greedy? Or perhaps want to lose weight but think skinny people are shallow? You might just be stuck in a Double Bind. Watch and learn how to get out of yours.

“I’m Too Old to Lose Weight...” a Coaching Inquiry with Guest Chana Cohen

Here I help guest client Chana Cohen explore her belief that she can't lose weight because of her age.

Up the Pleasure, Down the Pain

Learn how you can use your aversion to pain and love of pleasure to drive your life in a positive direction!

It's All a Fabrication

In the midst of the 2020 riots in the US, I felt inspired to share my ideas about race, violence, and mutual respect and love.

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