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You’re coming face to screen with a woman who's dived into engineering, public speaking, education, theatrical directing, non-profit management, management consulting, e-commerce, graphic design, music, internet startups, and homemaking – to name a few. Find that dizzying? Welcome to the club!

I was born in Bogota, Colombia and moved to Miami, Florida at the age of five after a traumatic break-and-enter turned kidnapping attempt. I loved being on stage and have always been gregarious, but also struggled with tremendous anxiety and fear of... well... pretty much everything! In a combined attempt to run away from my fears and face them head on, I journeyed to Dartmouth College, where being a Latin American Jew was something of an anathema, but where I learned that all my passions could be embraced. I could be a theater junkie and engineering nerd all at once! After graduation, I moved to Sydney, Australia to explore an awesome country under the guise that I was working for a management consulting firm. There I finally started to live out my dream of exploring my Jewish roots.

After a year, it was time to go to the Holy Land to jump deeper into the world of Judaism and its multitude of cultural expressions. Only a few weeks into my stay, it was clear that I was home and would wander no longer in search of a place to plant my feet on the ground. I spent a year in Florida teaching high school English and saving up to move back to Jerusalem. There I met my husband, Dave, who I only had the wits to start dating after we each immigrated to Israel. We soon married and were blessed with our son, Aryeh Lev, who has been the greatest teacher, guidebook, and inspiration of my life. We have an open home where locals, artists, students, and tourists of all ages, cultures, and nationalities gather to share ideas, passions, and gourmet vegan fare.

In Israel, I've worked in formal and informal education, online retail and marketing, and, of course, coaching. I’ve dedicated the past two decades to all things personal growth, healing, nutrition, spirituality, and business development. I’ve devoured books and videos, attended workshops, interviewed experts, taken courses, and delved deep into the struggles and ascensions of the soul.

I’ve asked the hard questions about how we humans learn and grow best. This has been fueled by the fact that I’ve been an educator for two decades and home-schooled my son. My abounding excitement for learning always seems to spill out, be it in a formal education environment, or in one-on-one interactions with my students or clients.

I invite you to take your own journey of exploration with me. I work with individuals and groups both in-person and over video or phone, guiding them to reveal the peace, joy, and vitality inside them, helping them to grow their businesses, and coaching them to show up and rock it!

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