Breathe Beyond Yourself into the Depths of Your Soul

Hello beautiful soul! I'm thrilled you're keen on exploring the power of breath to connect with your inner self and elevate your spirit. It's truly special to have the opportunity to practice this sacred technique with you, whether it's in Jerusalem or anywhere else in Israel or around the world.


Connect to Yourself through a Breathwork Journey

Conscious Connected Breathwork has bestowed a variety of blessings upon my life, enhancing my self-awareness, body connection, and spiritual journey. I'd be delighted to extend that same kindness, mindfulness, and care to you, whether in a group setting or through a personalized one-on-one session.


You'll discover how to tune in and respond to your body's subtle signals fostering trust, a sense of security, and a more gentle approach to life.


In the serenity of your breath, you'll harmonize with the ebb and flow of your emotions, embracing them with compassion, and reigniting a deep love for yourself, life, and those around you.


Breathwork will offer you a sanctuary for your mind and body to engage with emotions and address lingering past wounds that may have hindered your progress.

What is Conscious Connected Breathwork?

CCB involves purposefully regulating and deepening your breath in a continuous, connected fashion. It's a technique often employed to enhance physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

By intentionally modifying your breathing pattern, you can boost self-awareness, alleviate stress and tension, access profound states of relaxation, and potentially delve into emotional and spiritual experiences.

During CCB, your focus remains on the breath, allowing it to flow without interruption between inhales and exhales. This creates a sense of safety, maximizes oxygenation in the body, and opens the door to deeper states of consciousness. Your body, mind, and soul will guide you in exploring what you are ready to release, heal, or learn on this journey.


Chana guided in such a supportive and beautiful way. I was able to experience and feel because of the safety and space she created. 

Leah Schwartz

Chana is a fantastic facilitator for this work. She is both grounding and gentle and creates a space for all the feels!

Nechama Liba Backer, Artist


Chana created such a safe and open environment to do the breathwork. It was a lovely balance of guidance and intervention from Chana, which created a space to have a healing experience. 

Malka Katz


I highly recommend working with Chana as a breathwork facilitator.
My neck and shoulder tension completely disappeared after 75 minutes of working together.
I felt relaxed and cleared of some tension I was holding onto.
It’s totally worth your time and investment!

Ayelet Polonsky, Manifestation Coach

Meet Your Facilitator, Chana Mason

Hello from Jerusalem, or whichever corner of Israel or the world my wanderlust and curiosity have taken me. I assume you're here because, much like myself, you're on a quest to feel more at home within your body, your life, and this precious planet we all share.

To me, the ideal home is a place where we feel safe, where we can authentically be ourselves, where we can freely express our deepest hopes, fears, desires, and sorrows. It's a space where we can be embraced and acknowledged, even in the midst of our imperfections.

I'm deeply passionate about transforming every space I inhabit into a nurturing home and extending that maternal care to all who enter, whether through food, gentle touch, a listening ear, or shared wisdom.

For me, guiding breathwork is akin to being a midwife. My aim is to create an environment so secure and nurturing that it allows for profound healing in altered states of consciousness.

Drawing from my experience as a life and business coach, a mother, a mentor, and a healer, I create a space where you can feel confident to let go, knowing that you're in caring and capable hands.

Through my own breathwork journeys, I've encountered ancestors, angels, younger versions of myself, extraordinary states of consciousness, fears, pain, loss, and deep love.

I would be honored to hold space for whatever your soul seeks to bring forth.


Chana brings a great energy. I experienced her as grounded and relatable while being connected to and knowledgeable about this work that is more foreign to me. The experience was gentle and offered a lot of space for my mind and body to use it as it needed to. I found it to be deeply rejuvenating and it is something that would be a gift to experience more regularly. 

Rikki Silverstein (Davies), MSW


I enjoyed Chana Mason's gentle touch and guidance in getting me to connect deeply with myself. She is humble, generous and willing to support the client in what they need. 

Leah Apel


I personally practice breathwork frequently, but I've never had a breathwork session quite like this! The flow was very gentle and soothing, which ... allowed me to hold space for softer parts of myself while moving triggers through my breath. I made quite a bit of progress without feeling like the session was too intense or overwhelming. Chana is a wonderful facilitator with warm and loving energy. She created an experience that felt safe and yet still managed to challenge me. I'd highly recommend working with Chana!

Sarah Waisler, Health Coach

Breathwork is not for Everyone

If you are pregnant or suffer from the following ailments, you'll need to consult your physician before engaging in full breathwork: cardiovascular disease, detached retina, glaucoma, aneurysm, kidney disease, epilepsy, major psychiatric conditions.

If breathwork is not right for you, I can offer you modulated breathing exercises combined with coaching or therapeutic services.