I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the most amazing, enlightening, and liberating … session last week.  I cannot tell you how I have LITERALLY become a different person since then. I’m a tough cookie and not all coaches or therapists or healers or whomevers can manage to reach where you did. Whatever, the case, it worked–I feel so much better about myself than I have in a very long time … Sending you a BIG HUGE HUG, cause that’s what your free coaching session was to me.”  – M.S., Israel

Chana Mason has been an indispensable guide for me throughout my self-development process. She has taught me tools for practicing greater self-awareness, exercises for reconstructing thought processes, and pragmatic plans for obtaining the goals I desire through active self-actualization. Anyone who works with Chana is in for the ride of their life; one they’ll never forget and always feel grateful to have experienced.

AyeletNew York

Chana’s retreat was an incredible experience, we had the chance to connect to ourselves through the tough experience of confronting our thoughts with Byron Katie’s The Work. We got to do different exercises that showed us how the way we think and the language we use conditions our life’s way of being. We had different heart-opening experiences that helped us realize how we essentially have light, laughter and dancing in our innermost being. And how all that joy is there always available if we dare to experience it. Chana’s way of sharing was so pure, honest and transparent that we got to see for ourselves the result of what she was trying to transmit to us. She was loving and open and obviously talking from her heart.

Jessica DichiMexico

“Chana’s an engaging speaker with poignant tools for our times. She’s honest, vulnerable, and incredibly relatable. She dials right in on the core issues facing each person.” 

Dr. Azriela JankovicHost of the Within Us Podcast

Chana’s book and individual sessions have been life-changing for me. I always keep her “thought models” close to me to consult when I’m in trouble…, and I use them both in life and business. Her models have helped me accept that I can be both a businesswoman and a woman outside business, and that one does not sweep away the other, but actually adds value… if I want to grow as a person I can choose the challenges popping in my head as a vehicle to find answers about myself… I am forever thankful.

Elena GrigorasMoldova

For me experiencing 2 days in Chana Mason’s retreat was a great gift!!!! Hearing others’ examples on how we use our thoughts to bring pain to ourselves by making assumptions and interpretations can really limit our lives. The whole experience was nourishing and helped me interact with different women in so many ways, but especially with myself. It gave the chance to focus on my objectives and putting action to make them possible. I’m so happy I did and had the chance to spend time with Chana who is a great human being with a great vibe and has many tools to help others.

Leslie RaphaelMexico

Chana is witty, compassionate, bright, and full of vitality. She brings all of herself to every endeavor whether it’s an inspirational YouTube video, a book on transforming your life, or a one-on-one mentoring session. Her energy is contagious. Working with her makes me want to reach my highest potential, and maybe more importantly, believe that it’s possible.

Malka PaisGolan Heights, Israel

It’s been 2 months since the retreat and I can say I still try to catch my thoughts and analyze them as I learned. This is a good thing. The retreat was great, the location perfect, food was yummy, meditation was so nice. And the acquired knowledge left me thinking… Chana is a great teacher. Loved that it was easy to get it and it was practical. 

Karen SevillaMexico

Hold That Thought has mind jolting insights, one chapter after another! Chana Mason presents her mind-boggling material in an incredibly simple, clear, perfectly understandable form! Her incredible techniques and thought processes are what we have in mind when we question why school doesn’t teach our youth how to think! I have had several fine coaches during my career. Still, I regret not having found Chana Mason for my first and only coach!

David GoldsteinJerusalem, Israel

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