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Chana’s book and individual sessions have been life-changing for me. I always keep her “thought models” close to me to consult when I’m in trouble…, and I use them both in life and business. Her models have helped me accept that I can be both a businesswoman and a woman outside business, and that one does not sweep away the other, but actually adds value… if I want to grow as a person I can choose the challenges popping in my head as a vehicle to find answers about myself… I am forever thankful.

-Elena Grigoras, Moldova

Chana Mason has been an indispensable guide for me throughout my self-development process. She has taught me tools for practicing greater self-awareness, exercises for reconstructing thought processes, and pragmatic plans for obtaining the goals I desire through active self-actualization. Anyone who works with Chana is in for the ride of their life; one they’ll never forget and always feel grateful to have experienced.

-Ayelet Mintz, New York

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