Grow! Grow! Grow!

They say the only things that are certain are death and taxes, but I think it’s death and growth! Why? Because some folks are tax-exempt, but nothing in the universe is growth-exempt. Every crack in the sidewalk fosters blades of grass, everyone “learns something new every day,” and even every speck of our galaxy is expanding outwards.

This sounds romantic and poetic, right? But if we look around, we don’t always see growth and expansion. We see people flopping around, spinning themselves into misery. Why is that? Each of us creates stories that help us understand ourselves and the world around us. The “story” that hot stoves can burn our skin serves our survival. The story that connecting to art or meditation is healthy serves our spiritual elevation.

But then there are stories that skew reality and hold us back. Believing that I didn’t get into art school because I’m not creative, for example, might lead me to avoid creative endeavors that could inspire humanity. Bummer for me. And bummer for everyone else.

So how do we expand the stories that serve a lifestyle of joy, meaning, and fulfillment, while squelching those that lead us to paths of smallness, darkness, and lethargy? Simply by sitting with each story and belief and asking ourselves the key questions that unleash their potential.

Years ago, I began a process of thorough introspection and analysis of my core beliefs. Having facilitated myself and others over hundreds of hours using a basket of tools I’ve gleaned over the years has taught me how to access my inner truth and joy. (Spoiler alert – just like the rest of us humans, I rise and fall like the tides!)

Though self-exploration is something people can and often do practice on their own, having someone guide you through the process is tremendously helpful. I am here to offer key insights, ask poignant questions, and guide you back to your center. I have a knack for seeing through the clutter and getting to the core of what’s holding you back, so that we can focus on those key issues and use them as fuel for growth and moving forward.

My core philosophy? The wisdom and truth are in you. I am simply here to reflect it right back to you. My goal is not to change people, but rather to offer tools that help them access their own light, potential, and greatness so they can lead lives of  joy, serenity, and service.

I meet with clients in person or over the phone or video conferernce. Be in touch with me to discuss rates and times.

“Chana has really helped me experience hope in new ways that I didn’t think possible. I really enjoy working with Chana because she is patient, loving, deeply passionate, and caring about helping herself and others grow into our true and best selves. She made the intimidating and overwhelming stuff smaller and approachable and walked me through my confusions and emotions. What I really love and appreciate about Chana is how well she give examples from life and metaphors that help me understand things I am struggling with.”
C. S.  Shomron, Israel

I can be reached via:

Email: [email protected]

Mobile Phone: +972-54-657-1650

American Phone: 1-860-263-9193

You can also use the Contact Form to the right. Drop me a line with questions, comments, or inquiries. Positive feedback is especially welcome!

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