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Hold That Thought Fundamentals

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Hold That Thought Fundamentals  is the online course companion to Chana Mason’s  Hold That Thought . In this course, you’ll learn how to identify the beliefs causing your upset, question those beliefs, shift your mindset, and in the process, experience more clarity, peace, and joy!

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Course Structure

2 Chapters


Introduction 1 Lesson

An Introduction to Hold That Thought Fundamentals

Welcome to Hold That Thought Fundamentals! I'm excited to share with you tools that have helped revolutionize my life.

A Taste of Inquiry 2 Lessons

Coaching Session: Chana

Watch Chana help a client sort through the limiting thoughts holding her back from losing weight. Familiarize yourself with the terms and methods Chana uses.

A Taste of Inquiry

Before we begin the course, I want you to get a taste of what Inquiry is and how it can dramatically shift your experience and understanding of life.

7 Chapters

Gleaning Thoughts: Identifying Your Suffering

If you’re like many of my clients, you sometimes find yourself feeling yucky, but not knowing exactly why. You might be able to pin down your frustration to a specific person or situation but are unclear as to what thoughts are leading you down a rabbit hole. Hopefully, by now, you’ve come to understand (though perhaps not fully live out) the truth that it is our response to life, our story about it, and not our circumstance that causes our suffering. Once you can identify the thoughts constructing your narrative, you can pull them apart, inspect them, keep what serves you, and chuck or rework what’s hurting you.

The key to working on our thoughts is nailing down exactly what they are. In this section, we’ll cover a collection of tools to help you glean the beliefs you have about a given situation or person; dig deep into uncovering your most hidden thoughts about yourself, life, and all that is sacred; and identify the ones you can work on to create the most significant shift in your emotional experience.

The Rant 1 Lesson

The Rant

A tool for gathering overt or implied thoughts expressed by a speaker’s stream of consciousness. The rant is just like it sounds- ranting, story-telling. Just pretend you’re sitting with your friend over coffee and telling them what’s upsetting you. No filtering, just talking, letting it all flow out. In the following modules you’ll learn how to work with what you’ve shared.

The Survey 1 Lesson

The Survey

 This a compilation of commonly held limiting beliefs that can quickly reveal challenges you’re facing. The plus to using the survey is that you can uncover beliefs you didn't even know you were holding! Not only that, you realize your thoughts are not unique to you. Others are dealing with similar issues, which is how these beliefs made it into the survey.  You can create topic-specific surveys to uncover beliefs in areas such as dating, health, or money. You can also retake a survey once in a while to tangibly see how much you’re mindset has shifted and where there’s still work to do.

The Thought Bank 2 Lessons

The Thought Bank

A collection of thoughts or beliefs that cause a person distress. These include thoughts that come up in your Rant or through the use of cues: the first words of a belief to complete

Coaching Session: Chana

Watch Chana help a client sort through the limiting thoughts holding her back from losing weight. Familiarize yourself with the terms and methods Chana uses.

The ATM 1 Lesson


Asking And That MeansThis tool provides access to the limiting beliefs lying beneath the thoughts you’re believing. Use The ATM when your agitation seems disproportionate to a situation or when you don't seem to be shifting after doing Inquiry on your thoughts. And That Means can help you withdraw a whole collection of gold from the Thought Bank vault in your mind.


The Tower of Babble 1 Lesson

The Tower of Babble

A web of beliefs that together support a bigger, uber belief.  Identify the key thoughts creating the Tower of Babble and be surprised at what supporting thoughts come crashing down, deconstructing a particularly challenging belief.

Just Desserts Chart 1 Lesson

Just Desserts Chart

A tool that helps us clarify all the reasons we feel we deserve our current situation and don't deserve the good thing we want. Use the Just Desserts Chart when you want to make a change but struggle to take steps towards your goal and away from your current situation.

The Obstacle Course 2 Lessons

The Obstacle Course

A technique for visualizing the limiting beliefs that are standing between you and your dreams. Use this tool when you're feeling blocked from visualizing or actualizing your dreams. Envisioning these blocks will shine a light on where Inquiry is needed, vacate the obstacles, and pave the way towards your road to success.

Coaching Session: Sasha

Sasha is divorced. She's dating, but fears she'll never find the guy of her dreams. Watch Chana shine a spotlight on the thoughts holding her back- what they look like, what they say- and use these obstacles as a tool for achieving what you really want. 

7 Chapters

Reaction Contraction: Experiencing Your Suffering

Now that we’ve identified how beliefs and language can trip us up, it’s time to take a look at how, precisely, our feelings and behaviors can lead us to the truth. If you’re like me, you might find yourself swinging between emotions like a pendulum, not necessarily knowing how or why. Stopping to understand our emotional reactions to our thinking can help us shift our consciousness because every emotion you experience is the product of a thought. In this section, we’re going to explore how it is that you respond to your thinking and how your reactions can guide you to know whether a thought is serving you or hurting you. 

The Anatomy of Feedback 2 Lessons

Coaching Session: Hanna

Hanna is feeling held back. She wants to expand her business but believes it's unrealistic to expand. Watch Chana shed light on how Hanna's body is sending her clear, physical messages in reaction to her thoughts and learn what to do with those messages.

The Anatomy of Feedback

An understanding of how your physiology and emotions respond to beliefs. Your body speaks to you. Your breathing, heart rate, posture, chest, stomach, and emotions can help you differentiate false beliefs from true ones.

The Experience Buffet 1 Lesson

The Experience Buffet

A collection of questions that flesh out a person's varied psychological and physiological reactions to a thought. Use the experience buffet when you want a deeper understanding of your relationship to a thought and the affect it’s having on your life

There’s No Business like Your Business 2 Lessons

Coaching Session: Laura Jane

Chana helps Laura Jane explore the thought, "I am out of control." By engaging in the Back to Your Business Meditation, Laura Jane learns what it feels like to be in her business, and understands how leaving it causes her to feel scattered.

There’s No Business like Your Business

Your business is that which you have the power to control, impact, or change. Staying in your business keeps you calm, empowered, and joyful. Use the back in your business visualization to help you recenter and live life from a place of ease and empowerment.

The Courtroom 1 Lesson

The Courtroom

The place our minds go to in an attempt to “objectively” judge ourselves and our experiences. When you’re in the courtroom, you may believe you're in your own business, but because you’ve left yourself, you’ll feel as abandoned as you do when you go judging others. By trying to achieve some ultimate standard that you've placed on yourself or your life, you can become disconnected and fall into a pit of suffering.

The Time Machine 2 Lessons

Coaching Session: Ricki

Watch Ricki take a trip down memory lane and unblock an obstacle holding her back from meeting her perfect guy. In a guided visualization to her past, she returns to the root moment she created a harmful belief her. She learns how this belief is holding her back, how she can move forward, and how her older self can see this moment through a new lens. Watch The Time Machine in action and learn how to use it yourself.

The Time Machine

Facilitating inquiry with your younger self, who developed a belief now held dear. Use the time machine when you are dealing with painful and unhelpful beliefs you struggle to release or that feel so deeply ingrained into your identity.

The Addiction Loop and Aggression Tailspin 2 Lessons

Coaching Session: Mary

Get to see how The Addiction Loop and Aggression Tailspin can affect your life. Through the process of Inquiry, Mary realizes her thoughts are not serving her; they're doing just the opposite. Learn how to identify this cycle and reap the benefits of doing so.

The Addiction Loop and Aggression Tailspin

Patterns of destructive thought and behavior that repeatedly fuel each other. Do you find yourself reaching for that bag of chips, shutting down emotionally, or lashing out at someone when you’re upset? When we feel pain, we respond in one of three ways: fight, flight, or freeze. They all stem from the same root: believing a thought that causes you pain. We engage in addictive behavior to flee the pain, get aggressive to fight it, or freeze to avoid it entirely. Running through The Addiction Loop and Aggression Tailspin will always lead you back to more pain-inducing beliefs.

Monsters Under the Bed 1 Lesson

Monsters Under the Bed

The fearful beliefs underlying our seemingly uncharged thinking. Is something making you nervous? Like really nervous? Ask yourself this: What are you afraid would happen if…? and see what comes up.

4 Chapters

Words to Suffer By: Dissecting Your Suffering

One of my spiritual teachers, Joan Laimon, says, “Consciousness creates reality.” In other words, what we believe is what we get. Not only do our beliefs shape us, but the language we use also has a poignant effect on our emotions. Words are our most powerful tools for building our lives from the bottom up - word by word. Now that you’ve learned to identify the beliefs in your arsenal, we can dig deeper into understanding how you’re affected by the words that make up those beliefs. In this section, we’ll delve into all the ways language can trip us up and lead us into dark tunnels of distress. Hopefully, you will become more conscious of your word choices and use them to shape a beautiful, peaceful, and joyous world.

Should-ing Belongs in the Outhouse 1 Lesson

Should-Ing Belongs in the Outhouse

This module focuses on the power of language. Specifically, the word Should, which always leads to upset, frustration, and worry. You can just chuck that one into the outhouse.

Fishing for Trouble 2 Lessons

Coaching Session: Louise

Watch Louise and Chana's session to see how fishy words like deserve are causing Louise to believe a healthy life is out of reach.

Fishing for Trouble

Continuing our modules on language, Fishing for Trouble is a school of fishy words that lead people towards confusion and upset. These stinky schools include words like  deserve, fair, makes sense, normal. They create a justification rubric. One that we often create and expect others to live by. It doesn’t get much fishier than that!

Caught up in Dramatics 1 Lesson

Caught up in Dramatics

Using strong language for dramatic effect that ends up causing undue stress. Do you ever tell a story, and as you tell it, you notice yourself getting more and more heated? This is probably thanks to the words you're using. Dramatic language actually affects your physiology, which can feel exciting when used strategically, but also stressful when out of control.

Double Bind Study 1 Lesson

Double Bind Study / Dead Weight

You might not notice the loaded meaning you’ve attached to an otherwise neutral topic. These beliefs shape your blueprints of life, sometimes in painful ways. In this module, we’ll be looking closely at the links we've made between concepts and questioning the validity of those connections.

3 Chapters

A Fresh Pair of Lenses: Upending Your Suffering

When you shift your consciousness, you see reality with a whole different light. If you are aligned with truth, that light shines a whole lot brighter, but it can also be glaringly bright. How? You’ll have to face all the places that your false beliefs have led you to behave in ways that are dishonest, inconsiderate, sneaky, or downright mean. That can hurt. At the same time, facing your demons and taking responsibility for them, can be the most liberating, honorable, and esteem-building act you’ll ever take. In this section, we’ll dig into how you can shift your perspective, act on new understandings, and build a life in alignment with your highest self.

The Little Green Troll 2 Lessons

Coaching Session: Goldie

Get to know the Little Green Troll and see what we can discover when he goes to his favorite corner market. Watch Goldie reach clarity when her Troll isn't hanging over her like a grey cloud. See what can happen when you let your scariest thoughts leave you, who you are without them, and how you can move forward beyond their shackles.

The Little Green Troll

What have I been saying throughout this whole course? That you are not your thoughts! Imagining your thoughts as a little green troll can help you separate from your thoughts and allow you to experience the ease and peace available to you without it.

Lessons from Your Opponent 2 Lessons

Coaching Session: Ami

Ami is struggling to understand why his relationships have ended. Watch Ami explore turnarounds that lead him to true insight, clarity, and knowledge on how to move forward.

Lessons from Your Opponent

An understanding that the thoughts that bring you suffering will also teach you your most important life lessons. Tony Robbins reminds us that “Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you.” What have these thoughts brought you? What can you learn from them? How do you use this insight moving forward?

Action Superhero 2 Lessons

Action Superhero

A person who lives out the understanding that our thinking is cemented by our actions as much as our actions are the results of beliefs. Now that you have gained insight, clarity, and peace by questioning your thoughts, what are you going to do about it? What steps can you take to live in alignment with your values, with the kind of person you aim to be?

Coaching Session: Ally

You've made it! You've reached the last video of the course. Now that you've learned how to work on your thoughts, listen to Ally's heart-opening coaching session to learn how to use the insights you glean from Inquiry moving forward and be an Action Superhero.