Freedom of the Pen

In this course, you'll learn to: 1. Become a Scholar of Your Mind Learn to use your logical, deductive, and reasoning powers to question your mind, get your more in touch with reality, and nurture more happiness. 2. Build Self Reliance Get the tools to be able to tap into your inner wisdom, so that you can support and save yourself whenever you dip into distress. 3. Master Your Royal Court Gain the awareness to take full control over what thoughts inhabit your mind and tools to boot out those that don't serve you. 4. Fall in Love with Yourself So many of your most stressful thoughts are filled with judgements about yourself. Learn to unravel your destructive thinking and become your best ally.


Hold That Thought Fundamentals

Hold That Thought Fundamentals  is the online course companion to Chana Mason's  Hold That Thought . In this course, you'll learn how to identify the beliefs causing your upset, question those beliefs, shift your mindset, and in the process, experience more clarity, peace, and joy!

34 Lessons



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