Every time I try to get to bed at 9pm, the time I know will get me the best quality of rest, the best hormone production, and the happiest mood, I get nagged by the feeling that I’ll be missing out. Everyone is up to something fun and exciting, and I’m going to bed? It’s like trying to put a little kid to bed while a huge party is going on in the living room. Good luck!

Turns out I’m not alone. In this day and age of infinite possibilities and opportunities, there’s an opportunity cost to every choice and action we take. This has always been true for city dwellers, but now the internet has plugged us into a super-city of sorts, with thousands of books, videos, events, and workshops, we have virtually an infinite number of possible ways to use our time. Thus many of us are suffering from FOMO. The fear of missing out.

A couple of my clients told me that they feel this fear deeply. About everything. That they’re trying to live according to their values, but that life seems so much more exciting for those who threw caution to the wind and partied long and hard. This belief leaves them feeling weak, disempowered, and disinterested in following their visions for the future.

In this video, I invite you to explore whether believing that you’re missing out is enlivening you or deflating the joy right out of your life.

Wishing you many little joys,


Chana Mason is a Personal Growth and Wellness Guide who is passionate about

helping others grow towards vibrance, clarity, and joy.

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