My thinking, in all it’s genius, has a way of coming up with the most seemingly cruel statements and drilling them in like a broken record. Not liking these quips much, I’ve fought them all my life. But over the past few years, I’ve come to see each and every thought that comes my way as a gift. It is a teacher here to educate me on the core lessons of life, love, and my true inner essence.

My favorite one of recent is “I’m a failure.” This is such an awesome thought! It competes for all- time MVP with “I’m not lovable.” It can’t get any more obnoxious, cruel, and mean than those two, right? Which is why they are so fantastic!

By now you’ve either gone back to the beginning of my blog to make sure you didn’t misunderstand me, or you’re under the impression that you’ve just read the longest series of typos in the history of the internet! But I really mean it. The yuckiest seeming thoughts are really my greatest teachers.

Why is that? Because if I sit with a thought, take the time to assess how it makes me feel, how it inspires me to act, and what it does to my life as a whole, I learn a lot about myself. What is even more powerful is when I take the thought and treat it like a multi-sided hologram, meaning that I flip it upside-down, sideways, and all around. I can see all the iterations of that thought that my mind is able to fathom, and using my creative faculties, I can see how the greatest truths are revealed on the back side of this thought.

So, for example, “I’m a failure” offers me the opportunity to look at my successes, my non-failures, and the failure that is my thinking brain, which likes to feed me all sorts of garbage. The greatest potential in sitting with this thought is having the opportunity to question the success/failure paradigm with which I grew up. Grades, tests, and awards all feed into that paradigm, as does comparing myself to others. I’m left feeling insecure that I’ll never reach success or that I’ll fall off the pedestal on which I’ve been placed. Even a success is always a failure in waiting. It’s a lose-lose paradigm.

How do I know that? Because, when I quiet my mind in order to give proper audience to my thoughts, I connect to my core, my soul. I immediately sense the ageless, timeless essence that I am. And souls just ARE, the are essentially whole, beautiful, and unable to be broken or tarnished. The idea of success and failure just doesn’t seem to apply to them. For when we die, we aren’t able to take the trophies, awards, and pay stubs with us. Only love remains.

And love cannot be measured, graded, or deemed a failure. It just IS. In all its beauty and wonder. The truth is: so am I.

Wishing you many little joys,


Chana Mason is a Personal Growth & Wellness Guide and Storyteller

who is passionate about helping others grow towards vibrance, clarity, and joy.

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