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Writing a Book That'll Build Your Audience, Impact, and Credibility is Within Your Reach!

I'll help you plan, structure, and write a book that shares the best of you, gets read far and wide, and attracts new clients with subtlety and grace!

What if readers from Perth to Portugal came knocking on your door?

Hi. I'm Chana Mason.

I'm a Coach and Author of three personal growth books, each of which has reached tens of thousands of readers around the world. These books have been the number one tool in my marketing arsenal, and it's not just because I write well. It's because I write strategically.

My husband, Dave, and I have been self-publishing for the past decade and have learned (often times the hard and expensive way) how to plan out, write, and design books that grab readers' attention. We draw them into a matching sales funnels that intrigue far flung audiences and turn them into raving (and paying) fans. 

I've clarified techniques that make the writing and publication process a lot less daunting and turn it into an opportunity to clarify and share your ideas in a way that builds trust and rapport with readers.

I'd love to help you make your book dream a reality. 

Most business books FAIL to convert readers into clients. 

WHY? They're not designed for engagement

From Conception to Publication, I'll Guide You Every Step of the Way!

Clarify Your Ideal Client's Journey

If you’re looking to write the next great American Novel, I’m not your girl. I help those looking to use a book to drive clients in the door. The best way to write a book that will boost your business is to first figure out what role a book can play in your ideal client's journey of exploration, how you can use it to build trust, and how you can structure it to draw them into a deeper relationship with you.

Navigate Book Creation 

You don't need to be a candidate for the Pulitzer to get this down. A book that'll bring customers your way simply has to be structured strategically and written efficiently. In your voice. I'll help you get all your writing ducks in a row. First we'll plan out your book with authority-building strategies. From the get-go, you'll be mapping out techniques that lead readers into an attractive sales funnel. Then we'll create a timeline with accountability targets to keep you on track. 

Own the Publishing Process

Publishing is rapidly changing. What used to cost huge publishers tens of thousands of dollars, you can do for a few hundred. If you want, you can publish your own book in a tenth the time it takes the big guys. You'll own full rights to your work and full creative license over how it's designed, layed out, and printed. Plus you'll easily be able to make adjustments and edits even after your first publication.

I'll teach you how to manage all the pieces of getting your book out the door. You'll be able to get the layout, cover design, E-book, Audiobook, and printing done for a fraction of what the big publishers spend and in a fraction of the time!

Get Accountability and Support

You want to write a book. But it can feel like a huge, daunting task. And you have a business and personal life to deal with, too. How are you going to stay on top of your book project and actually see it through?

I'll support you with an easy-to-follow roadmap with doable milestones and check-ins that help you stay on target. You'll have someone on your side who understands the challenges you'll face along the way, support you when you need it, and will cheer your launch success with the fierce pride of a suburban soccer mom!

Inspire a Global Audience

Since the advent of the internet, publishers have feared people would be reading less. But the opposite is true. They're reading so much more! Tablets, e-readers, and audiobooks have made accessing knowledge and stories abundantly easier, especially in locales where printed books are not always easy to find.

I'll help you create physical, digital, and audio books and use a backdoor that makes your book easily accessible on hundreds of websites around the world. You'll also learn how to market free e-books that can reach thousands of people in places you would never imagine visiting in person!

Get a Keen Eye on Your Work

Let's be honest: Writing in a vacuum is challenging. It's hard to know if what you're trying to communicate is actually reaching the reader or if they're bored, unengaged, or distracted by your words. As an option, I offer an editorial review of your book.

I've been writing and editing for over two decades and can help you identify what's working in your writing and what might be confusing your readers or make them stray off your funnel. Having written and self-published numerous books as well as mentored others through the process, I'm quick to hone in on the key elements that matter.

Ready Build a Book & Funnel that Convert?

A strategically planned, designed, and written book can help you:

1. Position yourself as an expert without ever having to brag

2. Prime your audience with a hunger to learn more from you

3. Turn absolute strangers from the far reaches of the planet into engaged customers

A little more about Chana

Through her Business Strategy and Life Coaching Practice, Chana Mason works with clients and students around the world, guiding them to clarify a vision for their lives, unravel the thought patterns that hold them back, and giving them the tools and support to actualize their dreams.

Chana holds a BA in Theater and Engineering from Dartmouth College. After working for Bain & Co. management consulting in Sydney, she worked business development, technology, education, and graphic design. After mentoring others in the personal development for decades, she threw herself passionately into coaching and into sharing the tools for health and success she's gleaned and developed.

She is the author of Hold That Thoughtwhich teaches readers how to gain Clarity, Peace, and Joy, by gaining Mastery over their Thinking, The Size of Your Dreams, a novel which teaches tools for Manifesting your Dreams; and The Cash Machine, a tale of Passion, Persistence, and Financial Independence.

Ready Build a Book & Funnel that Convert?

What Others Say

Chana helped me reorganize my professional life and held me to it!

Batsheva, Massage Therapist

Since coming into my orbit Chana has helped me find new perspectives and makes my star shine brighter.

Rebekah, Personal Organizer, Business Coach & Author

She administers a proper tuneup!

Chana helps you develop tools and use those that you already have, to check in with yourself and administer a proper tuneup. You will work through the challenge space with Chana and understand that you've got a capable and confident ally who can direct your towards real change.

Sammy, Programmer

An INCREDIBLE coach!! Chana knows her stuff, is personable, and wants to see you succeed!

Jacob, Salesman

She's gifted us time and again with wise counsel that has shaped our lives and our business.

The Masons are true visionaries. A powerful mix of both practical and imaginative thinking; both grounding and wildly expansive. When I look back at the decisive moments in my personal and professional development I can see the caring signature of the Masons written on much of it. 

Chaya, Therapist & Author

Chana is a tremendous resource and support.

Chana helped me to conceptualize and execute the self-publishing process. From the writing to formatting, publishing and marketing, Chana is a tremendous resource and support. 

Azi, Coach, Podcaster, & Author

You have a unique collection of knowledge and tools you've probably learned the hard way, through trial end error, endless hours of study, hardship, or hands-on experience.

It's exactly this package that makes you be able to serve your clients with skill and dedication. But how can you let a wider audience know you have an abundance to offer without bragging from the rooftops and hope people take your word for it?

Since the advent of the internet, publishers have feared people would be reading less. But the opposite is true. They're reading so much more! Tablets, e-readers, and audiobooks have made accessing knowledge and stories abundantly easier, especially in locales where printed books are not always easy to find.

You'd be shocked at the messages Dave and I get from locales as far flung as Dubai, Nigeria, Pakistan, Paris, Sydney, Johannesburg, and South Carolina. People are craving knowledge from experts, and they're willing to reach globally to access it.

That's why books give you a fabulous opportunity to reach a much broader audience and share your expertise with people you never would have dreamed of meeting before the digital age. I'd love to help you make that happen!

Ready Build a Book & Funnel that Convert?

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