My family just landed in Costa Rica after a weekend with Tony Robbins at his Unleash the Power Within seminar in Dallas, Texas. Tony has been a virtual figure in our home for years through his books, videos, and audio courses. We’ve implemented a number of his teachings and techniques in our personal growth and were excited to pump up the volume by experiencing him in person. And boy did it!! Not only was the convention center rocking with exciting music, all eight thousand participants spent hours jumping, dancing, hollering, and rejoicing in our greatness.

The question a fly on the wall might ask is, what is this, a concert? A concert would definitely have been cheaper, so what’s the point? At times it certainly felt like a crowd rallying around a hot band, which meant that we were excited, moving, enthusiastic, and radiant. We did this to constantly keep ourselves in a positive, high-energy state. Because in a positive state, people take bigger risks, connect to others deeply, inhabit healthier bodies, and are more socially and financially successful.

And if you want all those things for your life, then inducing a peak state as often as possible is a worthy goal. So, here are a few things I learned from Tony Robbins about how to get into a Peak State:

    1. Change Your Physiology. Those in a peak state stand straight with an open chest. Their hands are more animated, their movements are energetic and sharp, and their voices are louder and vary in pitch. They carry an aura of joy and excitement that is contagious. So if you find your body slumping as you wallow in the challenges you’ve been facing, get up! Jump up and down. Tune into energetic, playful music and dance like crazy if you have to!
    1. Change Your Focus. A peak state doesn’t happen on it’s own. It’s a result of mental focus. Are you choosing to focus on the mold growing in your bathroom or at the blessing of having running water and plumbing in your home? Are you focusing on the fact that you burnt the rice, or on the delicious soup that is bubbling heartily on your stove? Are you focused on the fact that you’ve got a zit on your face or on the fact that your eyes, ears, nose, and mouth allow you to enjoy the world your Creator has given you?
    1. Change Your Language. What words are you choosing to use to describe your world? Those in a peak state use language that motivates them to move forward and avoid the language of fear, distress, or anger. Let’s say you get a flat tire. You could say, “that sucks!” or choose, “isn’t this interesting. I wonder who I’ll meet on the side of the road?” The language you use shapes your world, which means you get to decide what kind of world you live in.

Changing your physiology, focus, and language requires work on your part. It requires you to ignore the cynical voice in your head that wants to protect you from being a sucker. It requires that you take responsibility for your life and not pass it on to your family, community, or the media. The payoff is priceless. A peak state leads to joy, excitement, and best of all: Fun!

Working with people on changing their mindset and physiology is my passion. Contact me for a free consultation if you would like to step up to a higher level of clarity, vibrance, and joy!

Wishing you many little joys,


Chana Mason is a Personal Growth and Wellness Guide who is passionate about

helping others grow towards vibrance, clarity, and joy.

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