Can You Have Your Cake & Eat It Too? YES!

Do you feel like you’ve been pursuing happiness your whole life and it’s just out of reach?

Does it seem like life is overwhelming, frustrating, or just plain sucks? Unless there’s chocolate around. And then it’s at least bearable….

What if I told you that happiness is not something you have to pursue, but rather, uncover within yourself? What if your happiness were like a pot of gold covered up in garbage. Wouldn’t you just love to learn how to be a mental compost ninja so you could not only clear the way towards a giddy life, but also put all that refuse to good use?

In this women’s group, I’ll teach you the tools I use with myself, my friends, and my clients to get where we want to go faster.

You’ll have homework assignments between sessions and meet with a partner daily to work on the skills you learn in each session.

You’ll learn simple, tangible, and fun skills to help dig yourself out of the muck and into the peaceful meadow. They empower you to be the captain of your mental ship and take control over your emotions, choices, and outlook!

Taking control of your emotional state is what the Joyous Living Group is all about. It’s a 6-month workshop environment where you will learn how to:

          • Differentiate gold from garbage
          • Access the lessons from that garbage heap
          • Connect to yourself, others, and G-d from a place of clarity & authenticity
          • Clear the mental mish-mosh that makes it hard to sleep, pray, & relax
          • Gain control of your thinking to enjoy peace of mind and directed action
          • Facilitate a partner towards Clarity, Vibrance, and Joy

I know, you’re just tushy-dancing in your seat wondering, “common, Chana, what do I do? How do I sign up?”

Just fill out the simple form below. By signing up, you will be committing to love yourself a whole lot more. You’ll also be committing to a 200 shekel per month fee.

Can’t wait to hear from you & in the mean time, I wish you many little Joys!


“Chana has really helped me experience hope in new ways that I didn’t think possible. I really enjoy working with Chana because she is patient, loving, deeply passionate, and caring about helping herself and others grow into our true and best selves. She made the intimidating and overwhelming stuff smaller and approachable and walked me through my confusions and emotions. What I really love and appreciate about Chana is how well she gives examples from life and metaphors that help me understand things I am struggling with.”
C. S.  Shomron, Israel

Sign Up for the Group using the form to the right. If you have any questions, comments, or gloriously positive feedback, use the message box!

Chana can also be reached via:

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Mobile Phone: +972-54-657-1650

American Phone: 1-860-263-9193

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