If you’re like many of my clients, you sometimes find yourself feeling yucky, but not knowing exactly why. You might be able to pin down your frustration to a specific person or situation but are unclear as to what thoughts are leading you down a rabbit hole. Hopefully, by now, you’ve come to understand (though perhaps not fully live out) the truth that it is our response to life, our story about it, and not our circumstance that causes our suffering. Once you can identify the thoughts constructing your narrative, you can pull them apart, inspect them, keep what serves you, and chuck or rework what’s hurting you.

The key to working on our thoughts is nailing down exactly what they are. In this section, we’ll cover a collection of tools to help you glean the beliefs you have about a given situation or person; dig deep into uncovering your most hidden thoughts about yourself, life, and all that is sacred; and identify the ones you can work on to create the most significant shift in your emotional experience.

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