I’ll admit it. I bite my nails. Sometimes more and sometimes less. I’d chew them to pieces during college exams and still do when I have, say, a blog post due on a tight schedule. And it bothers me. I have all sorts of judgments of myself when I do it, or when I see others’ broken nails and bleeding cuticles. I really should stop, don’t you think?

So I was tickled pink when someone in one of my workshops asked if we could tackle the thought that’s been nagging at her for years. A thought she believed would motivate herself to change, to improve, to make the world a better place – one nail at a time!

Watch as we chew on this thought together!

Wishing you many little joys,


Chana Mason is a Personal Growth and Wellness Guide who is passionate about

helping others grow towards vibrance, clarity, and joy.

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