Most people who meet me assume that, as part of my full on crunchy-granola healthy living package, I’ve been doing yoga for, like, ever. But the reality is that except for a quick class in college and a few months in the neighborhood, I’ve never made friends with a yoga mat.

That was… until a few months ago. I’d been carrying around the “should” of doing yoga and the desire to quiet my mind and become more flexible for ages. But I never acted upon it. Then a friend told me that she’s been doing Yoga with Adriene on YouTube and not only loves it, but has her kids doing it too! “She’s so cute. You just want to be friends with her,” she told me. I sort of nodded and quickly forgot about it. But somehow, way down deep, my friend had planted a seed.
And I still don’t get how it happened, but one day I dusted off the abandoned yoga mat, rolled it out on the floor, and tried Yoga with Adriene. Needless to say, Adriene and I are best buds now. She and I hang out every morning at around 7:30am. I’m still in my pj’s, my hair’s a mess, my face still has indentations from the trauma created by drool and sheets, and there’s definitely no mascara on my eyelashes. And Adriene never says a thing. She doesn’t scowl or make a face at my appearance. Quite the contrary. Her face is all smiles as she shows me how to flow from one pose to the next, always breathing, always exploring my body, my self. She’s just so loving and gets me to put my focus right where it belongs. Inside. I’m breathing, checking in with “what feels good,” relishing in gratitude, and not even thinking about all the competitive junk that has always run through my mind during an exercise class.

Adriene has posted a new series, Yoga Camp. I get to go to camp in the mountains with a Yogi right in my own living room! How cool is that!? For 30 minutes, the mantra I’m Alive filled my consciousness. Even now, as I write these words, I feel so much more vibrant and excited to be, thank G-d, in good health and capable of doing yoga.

Today I realized that Adriene and I have been morning companions for almost three months now. And it all just started with the seed planted by a friend. This seed has now created some sort of a monster because after weeks of passing by my contorted self on his way out to synagogue, my very athletic, but pretty inflexible, husband is now doing yoga daily as well. It’s been a tremendously tangible lesson on the power of influence that we have on each other.

Which makes me really grateful for the amazingly beautiful people I have in my life and how important it is to surround myself with them as much as possible. They have such wisdom to teach me!

I bless all of us that we may cleave to those who inspire us to grow and stretch and strive towards our most radiant selves.

Wishing you many little joys,


Chana Mason is a Personal Growth and Wellness Guide who is passionate about

helping others grow towards vibrance, clarity, and joy.

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