Experience more Clarity, Peace, & Joy with nothing fancier than pen & paper.

Learn to free yourself from anxiety and stress with Chana's easy to follow, step-by-step course.

Want to take ownership over your mind? 

People pay me thousands of dollars to coach them out of their stuck places, to shift into mindsets that support their life goals, to just be happier. Much of that time is spent teaching my clients the tools you'll learn in Freedom of the Pen, empowering them to free themselves by putting pen to paper.

No matter how hard you try to take control, sometimes your mind can have a mind of its own.

Ever have an argument with your brother and days later, your mind is still playing reruns of the event? You question your every word, every move. And no matter how hard to you try to distract yourself, your mind just won't shut up?

Or you walk into a party and can't figure out why your heart's racing, your stomach's all tight, and you just want to run the other way?

Or perhaps you have an important email to write and, despite knowing it'll only take a few minutes, find yourself pushing it off for weeks?

All these little agitations can add up. You might feel them in the tenseness of your body, in the sleeplessness of your nights, in the fuzziness of your mind...

I'm sure you've got some great tricks for avoiding the racket bouncing around in your head. Perhaps you'll dip into a tub of ice cream, lose an hour in the social media vortex, finish off that bottle of wine. It might take the edge off, but doesn't make you feel any better about yourself in the long run, right?

Now, in addition to all the stressful beliefs you have about your situation, you have to battle the thoughts berating you about your nasty habits and addictions, your inability to get your act together, your avoidant behavior.

Alternatively, you could be courageous and face those thoughts head on. You might seek the support of a coach like me who could hold your hand through the process, but to be honest, I'm not cheap.

Learn how to be the driver of your bus by applying the tools for mental freedom I teach my clients EVERY DAY. 

If you can carve out the time, if you have the discipline to get your butt in a seat every day, if you can be courageous in the presence of uncomfortable feelings, then you're set. You can guide yourself through:

  1. Identifying the beliefs causing your distress, 
  2. Questioning your thinking, and 
  3. Shifting into a mindset that'll bring more ease and clarity into your life.

This course will teach you how to do just that. And all you need is pen and paper!

You can do this for yourself. Learn how to unlock peace, joy, and clarity with Freedom of the Pen.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up:

As soon as you sign up, you'll gain full access to the Freedom of the Pen courseYou can zip through the ten modules of the course in less than a week, or work more slowly and practice integrating the techniques I teach in each lesson day by day. The best results come to those who dedicate at least thirty minutes a day to applying what they've learned in each lesson, so that the tools become a part of their daily journaling practice. By the end of the course, you'll have learned how to simply and easily gain awareness of the beliefs blocking you and shift into a new mindset that creates more ease and vitality!

Become a Scholar of Your Mind

Learn to use your logical, deductive, and reasoning powers to question your mind, get more in touch with reality, and nurture more happiness.

Build Self Reliance

Get the tools to be able to tap into your inner wisdom, so that you can support and save yourself whenever you dip into distress.

Master Your Royal Court

Gain the awareness to take full control over what thoughts inhabit your mind and tools to boot out those that don't serve you.

Fall in Love with Yourself

So many of your most stressful thoughts are filled with judgements about yourself. Learn to unravel your destructive thinking and become your best ally.

Here’s what people are saying about Chana



Chana is a no BS coach. 

She gets right to the core of the issue and handles it with grace and compassion. She's empathetic but also an amazing accountability partner. I highly recommend Chana to anyone who wants to take their life and their strengths to the next level!



An INCREDIBLE coach!! 

Chana knows her stuff, is personable, and wants to see you succeed!



 It was a gift!

Gratitude….is the word that comes to my mind after Chana’s retreat. Thank you for reminding me that there’s always a different perspective when facing any conflict … it was a gift ??????

So what's in the course, anyhow?


Module 1: Identify the Beliefs Causing Your Distress

It's difficult to move a block on the road if you don't know what it is. In the first module of the course, you'll learn how to stop driving in the dark by identifying the thoughts getting in your way. You'll use The One Question to bring unconscious beliefs up to the surface. The you'll learn how to Rant it all out and how to break down your stories into clearly delineated beliefs you can question, shift, and rewrite.


Module 2: Learn Simple Step-by-Step Tools to Question Your Mind 

The road to hell might be paved with good intentions, but the road to heaven is paved with good questions! In this second module, you'll learn to ask key questions that free you from the stuck thinking that brings you down. You'll learn how to identify your unique Anatomy of Feedback so you can quickly know when your getting into thought traps. I'll give you the keys to become your own reaction detective so you can identify the emotional, physiological, and mental cues that show you the path out of misery and into freedom.


Module 3: Shift Into a More Supportive Mindset

We're all living according to our beliefs, so you might as well tell yourself stories that bring you joy and peace. In this module, you'll learn just that. You'll use the Little Green Troll to free you from your constrained thinking and learn to write Juicy Turnarounds that will challenge you to expand your mind and liberate your soul. You'll learn to rewrite the stories you tell yourself about life, the divine, people, and even yourself!


Module 4: Take Action to Bring More Peace & Joy into Your Life

You know you've really gotten something when it manifests itself as action. As an Action Superhero you'll learn to actualize your new beliefs, so you can feel more alive, live with integrity, and experience more joy every day.


There's so much more awaiting you!

Bonus 1
Recorded Coaching Sessions

I've recorded myself coaching clients exclusively for Freedom of the Pen! You'll be able to see every step in the course modules in action and watch my clients transform their stress into ease along the way.

Seeing others face their demons and not just overcome them, but also thrive is empowering. It'll give you the juice and inspiration to show up for yourself through the journal practice I teach!

Bonus 2
Come Back to Your Business Bonus Lesson

So much of our stress comes because our heads are stuck worrying about things we can't control or change. We feel powerless, limp, and trapped as a result.

In this bonus lesson, you'll not only learn to identify when you've left your center. You'll also gain tools to bring yourself back, so that every bit of your vitality can fuel your joy, compassion, and dreams!

Bonus 3
Think Outside Your Box Webinar

I offered a webinar to my audience during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic to give them tools to get out of their mental boxes. I covered many of the tools I teach in this course, but with a different flavor and sometimes unique twist.

You'll get to see me coaching webinar participants get out of their stressful boxes and into more freedom and joy. Get ready to take notes!

About The Course Teacher,
Chana Mason

Chana Mason is a Coach with a unique ability to turn complex ideas into easy-to-access tools for rapid transformation, many of which she includes in her books: The Size of Your Dreams, Hold That Thought, and The Cash Machine. Through her straight talk, open heart, and addictive joy, Chana helps clients shift the beliefs getting in their way and take massive action in their lives and businesses. Her varied experience in technology, education, business, and publishing nurtures her spirited connection with clients and students globally.

Chana loves cooking gourmet vegan cuisine, hiking, gardening, writing, pottery, music, traveling, welcoming people into her home, and reading a great young adult novel!

Here’s what people are saying about Chana



I'm living my dream life!

Thank you for the life coaching sessions!! I'm living my dream life. I can tell every day that I have been strengthened and found a connection to some deep love from working with you!


Beit Shemesh

I've gotten more control over my thinking...

We together broke down my thought patterns and belief systems. I started to create the beliefs that I want in my life ... how I see things, how I view others and myself. I've gotten more control over my thinking and over my life in general!



Thank you so much ... !!!

It’s easy for me to share my inner world with you. I’m feeling empowered and that nothing is too much to handle and that this is within my control to change and I’m excited to work with you!

Freedom of the Pen is like having my coaching voice in your ear without the individual coaching sticker price.

I'll be honest with you: One-on-one coaching simply rocks. I've been blessed to be mentored by fabulous coaches, and their support, insights, and accountability have helped me grow leaps and bounds. But I couldn't always invest the money into hiring a coach. 

So what did I do then?

Exactly what I'm going to teach you to do in this course.

There's a spot on my couch that's slightly more indented that the rest. Because that's where I've spent countless hours meditating, journaling, pouring my heart out... and most importantly identifying and questioning my thinking!

The greatest support I've ever gotten is the one that came from offering myself my own ear, my own companionship, my own dedicated time. It's taken disciplined training to get myself where I am today. But it all started with putting pen to paper. Just thirty minutes a day. And magic can come as a result. 

Though I'd love to work with every person from Sydney to Seattle who reaches out to me for coaching, the reality is that my schedule and/or their budget are not always a match. That's why I keep creating courses that cost less than the price of one coaching session. I want to make it easy for you to say yes to yourself, to your freedom, your peace, and your joy!

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One sentence summary of what they get




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Backed by my no-strings-attached 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

I believe there's no better proof than a taste of the pudding. I believe in this course so much, that I'm happy to give you not just a taste, but the whole meal. If you don't see that you've gotten a ton of value out of it, that it's empowering you to build more freedom and joy into your life, than I'll give you your money back, no questions asked. Just be in touch!

Don’t wait! Look at what past students have to say:


Beit Shemesh

These classes have changed my life. 

It’s amazing how just learning about where the work really is, the blaming and fighting almost immediately stops. Personally my relationships got healthier and happier from just that first small step. And that includes the relationship with myself and my relationship with Gd ;) What hit me the strongest were the turnarounds and realizing these thoughts are here for me.



Chana Mason presents her mind-boggling material in an incredibly simple, clear, perfectly understandable form! 

Her incredible techniques and thought processes are what we have in mind when we question why school doesn’t teach our youth how to think! I have had several fine coaches during my career. Still, I regret not having found Chana Mason for my first and only coach!


Mexico City

There are not enough words to explain how my life changed by meeting Chana

Being part of this retreat and sharing the experience with amazing women . Through different activities Chana gave us the most important secret of our lives. I learned how to analyze my thoughts, how to question them and how to look for solutions when my problems are holding me back from living in the present.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course for people of a certain age?

If you're old enough to read and write, you can do this work. And if you're young enough to still hold a pen: Write, baby, write!

Is this only for people with mental health issues?

Let's be honest, we've all got issues. If you ever struggle with frustration, anger, sadness, anxiety, or hopelessness, even for short periods of time, then the tools in this course can help you slip out of those states and into more peace, calm, and happiness.

Do I need to be a writer to do this course?

If that were the case, my client pool would be quite limited. You need to know how to write words, but they don't have to be pretty, artsy, or fanciful in any way. As you'll see in the course, despite being an author myself, I like to keep my language quite simple. You'll see me questioning beliefs such as, "this whole situation sucks!" Not exactly Shakespeare, right?

What if I've never kept a journal before?

Some of us love to record our day to day adventures, write artistic thoughts, pray on paper. Although those people can get a ton out of this course, it's not intended for "journal keepers." Pen and paper of any kind just make a simple way of keeping track of your thoughts so you don't stray away into distraction. If you prefer to type, go ahead!

How much time do I need to dedicate to the course?

You can learn a lot just watching the course, but to be honest, you won't integrate what you're learning unless you dedicate at least an hour a week - ideally thirty minutes a day - to practicing the skills I teach. Then you'll experience the eye-opening transformative wonders that Inquiry can offer you.

What happens if I don't enjoy the course?

You'll get your money back, no questions asked. Just be in touch with me directly to handle the refund.

A personal note...

I created this course for the woman I was twenty years ago. The woman who struggled day after day with anxiety, depression, and an ice cream addiction. I can't help her today, but I can give you the tools that have literally saved my life since then. They've given me the resources, strength, and courage to live with presence, joy, and adventure. I wish the same for you


Copyright 2021 by Chana Mason