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Shift Your Limiting Beliefs

Do you know what's really getting to you?

Every emotion you feel and every ensuing behavior you do is the product of a thought. If you can identify the belief causing your distress, you have the key to unlock your freedom. During coaching sessions, you'll learn strategies to identify exactly what you're believing so you can cut through the clutter, uncover your hidden fears, and find your mental patterns.

Restore Your Peace 

The clarity, calm, and joy you've been looking for are not "out there." The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is inside you, waiting for you to blow the dark clouds of false thinking away. Chana is the person people go to when therapy doesn’t work for them. She empowers clients to reclaim their voice and take back their lives. Chana will teach you how to master your mind, reconnect with yourself, come home to your center, and experience the peace you've been yearning for your whole life. 

Reawaken Your Vitality

Not feeling like the energetic, vibrant kid you once were?

Chana's insanely knowledgable and passionate about health, nutrition, and wellness. Together, you'll create a wellness plan that will support not only your health goals, but also your personal and professional growth and development.

Drive Your Professional Life Forward

Whether you're trying to clarify what career path to take, set up a more solid foundation for your future, build a business from scratch, or strategize on the next level of growth of your existing enterprise, Chana pulls from her breadth of exposure in Business Development, Education, Technology, Publishing, and Non-Profit Management to help you clarify a plan of action and guide you towards success.


Chana Mason works with clients and students around the world, guiding them to clarify a vision for their lives, unravel the thought patterns that hold them back, and giving them the tools and support to actualize their dreams.

Chana has studied the techniques of masters such as Byron Katie, Barry Neil Kaufman, and Tony Robbins, and has developed her own set of advanced tools that help her clients get directly to the heart of the matter. She is the author of Hold That Thought, which teaches you how to gain mastery over your mindset, The Size of Your Dreams, a novel which teaches tools for Manifesting your Dreams; and The Cash Machine, a tale of Passion, Persistence, and Financial Independence.


"Days after a session will be characterized by deep paradigm shifts!!"

I love my sessions with Chana. She really helps me unpack those old beliefs and seriously turn them around. I'm always excited knowing that the days after a session will be characterized by deep paradigm shifts!!


"Chana's a Great coach!"

She has amazing insights and is super sharp. She helped me unstuck myself from thoughts and beliefs that I’ve had for many years. Eternally grateful ??????


"The simplicity of your tools is almost as jaw-dropping as its effect."

I am beyond grateful for your guidance. It makes such a profound effect on my emotional, spiritual, and even physical state, not to mention it is helping me be more productive and joyful. 


"I only needed to meet with Chana for one session, but that one session was life-changing."

"Chana is an energetic and tuned-in listener... Chana enabled me to "see" the thoughts I was telling myself and where they were coming from. I found clarity and gained the insight needed to change my way of thinking."


"Chana is witty, compassionate, bright, and full of vitality."

She brings all of herself to every endeavor whether it's an inspirational YouTube video, a book on transforming your life, or a one on one mentoring session. Her energy is contagious. Working with her makes me want to reach my highest potential, and maybe more importantly, believe that it's possible.


"Chana's an Incredible Coach!"

Chana knows her stuff, is personable, and wants to see you succeed!


"Chana administers a proper tuneup!"

"Chana helps you develop tools and use those that you already have, to check in with yourself and administer a proper tuneup. You will work through the challenge space with Chana and understand that you've got a capable and confident ally who can direct your towards real change."


"Enjoyable, efficient, and really helpful!"

Chana not only helps me work through specific thoughts, she reinforces skills and ways of thinking that make practical application of the work easy and doable. 


"One session and I got it!"

Channa understood and simplified my thoughts, she helped me understand where my thoughts were coming from, and showed me how to stop and change the path of thinking. And it was also in a fun way! Thanks Channa!!!




"Chana knows just the right questions to ask ..."

"I am continually blown away by her ability to be warm and welcoming, practical, and encouraging all at the same time. Chana knows just the right questions to ask to help me see an issue clearly. I have been inspired by her workshops, her books, and many deep one-on-one conversations. "


"I'm living my dream 

"Thank you for the life coaching sessions!! I'm living my dream life. I can tell every day that I have been strengthened and found a connection to some deep love from working with you!"


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