Lovin’ the Shuk #4: Bread From the Womb

Hassan is my new favorite vendor in the shuk. He’s a baker with whom I’ve interacted dozens of times as I’ve passed by his shop over the years. Always nice and polite, but not significantly memorable. But everything changed when I brought a group to his bakery to take a long distance peek into the circular fiery pits that are his bread ovens.

The Best Spice Joint in Shuk Machane Yehudah

I walked into Bashkevitz this morning to ready the owners for a group I was bringing over this afternoon. Right away my nose tingled with the fiery scent of the black pepper churning in an old mill just behind Roi. All the spices in their shop are ground in-house. The mixes are original recipes as well.

“Will they want tea?” Roi asks about the upcoming visitors. 

The Oud Player in the Shuk – Niro Abekasis

I went into Shuk Machane Yehuda today to buy basil (because in my house, a lack of pesto is tantamount to cruel and unusual punishment) and walked past a very interesting looking musician. I stopped a schmoozed with him for a while. Turns out that funky guitar thing he plays is called an Oud, an instrument used across the Middle East.