I did not finish my to do list today

Or yesterday

Or any day

For that matter

Cause what does it matter

If I even try

To check the whole thing off?

It’ll just be like the kitchen sink

No sooner washed then refilled

With yet another dish.

And yet,

The list and all his cronies

Keep hammering into my brain

Driving me insane

Making my efforts feel inane

It’s like I just blew another day away,

Like a fallen leaf on a sidewalk.

I didn’t treasure it,

In it’s golden peak,

Between two pages of a book.

But why would I?

Truth is:

I only want to save a Did-My-Whole-List day

so that tomorrow I could look


and see

That I have accomplished

That ladies and gentlemen:

I am Something

I am Someone!

And before my admiring audience,

I can wave that page

Complete with its long list

With every to-do checked off!

I can already hear the crowd’s cheers

Echoing in my ears.

And of course,

This makes me hungry

To compete at the Olympic level…

Perhaps there, the list is neatly printed,

Double spaced.

In a weekly planner.

Would I have to train for this?

Nah. I’m a natural.

I breeze right through,

Racing past that poor fool

Who’s stuck on item 5

And I feel so alive!

As I check off 6 then 7 and 8

And sprint through the final gate

Breaking the ribbon

That clings around my waist

Like a bright red bow on gift wrap.

And I fold my weekly planner page

Into a paper airplane

And throw it right into the bleachers

Where a cacophony of excitement

Bursts forth with



And pure awe

At the Wow that I am

For no woman in history

Has achieved so many do’s as me!

And now…

I can go to a beach in Tahiti

And rest on my laurels

For a while.

I’ve earned my due.

And in the meantime,

The page will remain blank.

The to do’s will go on vacation too.

And they won’t start up again

Until I say it’s time to.

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