We’re All Addicted to SOMETHING, But Why?

Those of us who sneak under the radar of social taboo get away with never having to face how much of our lives we are wasting away at the bottom of an ice cream tub or in the grips of a video game console. And that, in the end, might be our greatest loss – for we can escape the pain that got us there, and thus miss out on the lessons that pain has to teach us.

You’re Missing Out and You Don’t Even Know It!

Every time I try to get to bed at 9pm, the time I know will get me the best quality of rest, the best hormone production, and the happiest mood, I get nagged by the feeling that I’ll be missing out. Everyone is up to something fun and exciting, and I’m going to bed? It’s like trying to put a little kid to bed while a huge party is going on in the living room. Good luck!