The Good Life

I grew up fully buying into the idea that if I worked really hard, shot to the top of my field, and amassed wealth and fame, I’d not only “have it all” but I’d be ultimately happy and healthy. And then I had my first major job after college working in a fancy corporate gig with all the trimmings. We all worked long hours, even those in upper management.

Lovin’ the Shuk #4: Bread From the Womb

Hassan is my new favorite vendor in the shuk. He’s a baker with whom I’ve interacted dozens of times as I’ve passed by his shop over the years. Always nice and polite, but not significantly memorable. But everything changed when I brought a group to his bakery to take a long distance peek into the circular fiery pits that are his bread ovens.

Why I Love Thinking “I’m a Failure”

My thinking, in all it’s genius, has a way of coming up with the most seemingly cruel statements and drilling them in like a broken record. Not liking these quips much, I’ve fought them all my life. But over the past few years, I’ve come to see each and every thought that comes my way as a gift. It is a teacher here to educate me on the core lessons of life, love, and my true inner essence.

Look for the True Color Shining Through

As a kid, I used to sit on the floor of the candy aisle of Eckerd’s drug store in Miami and ogle at the insane collection of treats. I’d sniff around for a newly released chocolate bar like a squirrel on a mission. But I’d get most excited about the multicolored hard candies like Nerds and Runts. I just loved color!