The Best Spice Joint in Shuk Machane Yehudah

I walked into Bashkevitz this morning to ready the owners for a group I was bringing over this afternoon. Right away my nose tingled with the fiery scent of the black pepper churning in an old mill just behind Roi. All the spices in their shop are ground in-house. The mixes are original recipes as well.

“Will they want tea?” Roi asks about the upcoming visitors. 

My Favorite TED on Addiction

Fifteen years ago, two Colombian engineering students at Dartmouth College set out to prove, through systems optimization, that cocaine should be legalized. I was one of them. Why? Because in our course we were learning about designing systems to achieve goals.

We asked ourselves the basic question: What is the goal of society in reference to drugs? In other words, why are drugs illegal?

The Oud Player in the Shuk – Niro Abekasis

I went into Shuk Machane Yehuda today to buy basil (because in my house, a lack of pesto is tantamount to cruel and unusual punishment) and walked past a very interesting looking musician. I stopped a schmoozed with him for a while. Turns out that funky guitar thing he plays is called an Oud, an instrument used across the Middle East.

Only the Strong Tree Grows

Many of us walk through the world thinking that we’re broken and need to be fixed, as though a mechanic could roll us into his garage and just make a few tweaks. There’s an underlying belief here that there’s something essentially “wrong” with us. And this wrongness leads us to take our innate desire for growth and twist it into a spiritual version of keeping up with the Joneses.

In Search of the Perfect Guru

A client with whom I’ve been working for a few weeks now was experiencing such a positive impact on her life from our sessions that I recommended she watch some of Byron Katie’s videos. (If you are not familiar with The Work of Byron Katie, I recommend you visit her page so you can understand the key points of this post.) She loved the videos so much that, in her own words, she became an addict!