How a Pair of Tightwads are Going Yogi

Most people who meet me assume that, as part of my full on crunchy-granola healthy living package, I’ve been doing yoga for, like, ever. But the reality is that except for a quick class in college and a few months in the neighborhood, I’ve never made friends with a yoga mat.

That was… until a few months ago. I’d been carrying around the “should” of doing yoga and the desire to quiet my mind and become more flexible for ages. But I never acted upon it. Then a friend told me that she’s been doing Yoga with Adriene on YouTube and not only loves it, but has her kids doing it too! “She’s so cute. You just want to be friends with her,” she told me. I sort of nodded and quickly forgot about it. But somehow, way down deep, my friend had planted a seed.